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A Word on the Zine

The zine - a publication and a radical movement. Originally made by sci-fi fans in the 1930s, zines soon morphed into a symbol of independence. Gaining popularity in the ‘70s with the advent of punk, zines became grungy, dirty. Riot grrrls of the ‘90s grabbed on and made them political, feminist, an ethos. Zines have always been made by the subversives, the DIY-ers, the dissenters. And now, we are making Foolish.

Traditionally, we are sponsored by the University of Iowa Student Government, the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, the Magid Center for Undergraduate Writing, and the wonderful community that surrounds us. We acknowledge these entities, for giving us the chance to start and continue Fools Magazine. Yet now, Foolish has given us the chance to be fully unrestrained, and this edition is, for the first time, supported solely by readers, contributors, and editors. We hope to foster an environment for artists who have yet to be heard, who are aching to make that change. Foolish stands to be our own radical movement.

by Skyler Barnes, Writing Editor

Illustrations by Sage Anderson

Illustrations by Sage Anderson