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New on the Block: Dash Coffee Roasters Joins Linn Street

by Kathryn Raver
Photos by Gabby Estlund

Photo by Gabby Estlund

Photo by Gabby Estlund

Being the busy, vibrant town that it is, Iowa City has no shortage of nooks and crannies for every activity. Coffee shops, in particular, have maintained as the go-to location for students and Iowa City locals alike to hold their afternoon study sessions or social meet-ups. Dash Coffee Roasters, located on North Linn Street, is the newest of these attractions.

With its wide-open space, bustling environment, and huge glass windows allowing a flow of natural light, Dash creates an environment that simultaneously feels both professional and homey. “We love investing into people and letting them know that they are seen,” said Dash owner Rebecca Davidson. The location amid growing businesses and surrounded by residential living (along with the building’s big glass windows that allow people to literally be seen) helped Dash’s founders achieve that and made it the perfect spot. “We were stoked to be in a city that supports local businesses well, has walking traffic, and loves staying up on current food & beverage trends,” one told me. With all these things combined, they figured Iowa City would be the perfect place to bring their “taste of home.”

Dash has already become well known for its coffee menu, which varies as new coffee crops come into season. Patrons can choose from a wide selection of cappuccinos, pour overs, lattes, and other options. The true coffee fanatics can purchase packaged Dash coffee blends – which are roasted each Monday and sent out right away - to make at home. In addition to their coffee, Dash offers “not coffee” options such as tea and hot chocolate (I can attest to the fact that their matcha latté is delicious). Davidson recommends the cappuccino and the N’Awlins cold brew, which are both among the more popular drinks Dash has to offer. Patrons can order from a variety of breakfast options as well, from sandwiches to smoothie bowls – or brownies and other bakery items if you’re in need of a study break snack.

Dash Coffee Roasters is incredibly excited to be a part of the Iowa City community. “Our goal at Dash is to cultivate community,” Davidson told me. “We love when we see people sitting down together and having face to face conversations.”

Tucked into the corner of Linn St and Bloomington, Dash Coffee Roasters is open Monday through Friday 6:00am-6:00pm and Saturdays from 8:00am – 4:00pm.