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An Open Letter to Dana T. (from elly h.)

by Elly Hofmaier

An Open Letter to Dana T. (from elly h.)

dear Dana T.

let me start off by saying this….

it was an accident.

as does god, the mind works in mysterious ways. particularly vexing is the convoluted relationship between conscious and subconscious knowledge.

paranoia of a stolen melody has been ingrained in my psyche. we all know about the lawsuits; the ´Vanilla Ice v Queen´, the ´Marvin Gaye v Pharrell.´ Paul McCartney sang the early melody for “Yesterday” to anyone who would hear it, just to verify its unique existence.

i have been careful to consider the origins of my melodies, catching myself once or twice before total copyright chaos.       but…. i didn't catch myself from this…..

                     something far more damaging….

it finally occurred to me as i marketed a show we would eventually play together..

it was there

plain as day

Dana T. and elly. h.

it hit me like a truck. i had unknowingly, unintentionally misappropriated the stylistic use an abbreviation. i involuntarily snubbed the King of the IC Music Scene. i tried to write off the snafu in a congenial instagram story but.. i realized it would take more than a S/O to amend my mistake (plus you didn't see my story). so here it is…

i’m sorry

i’m sorry Dana T.

i'm not sure what my next move is… a name change is not out of the question.  i was also thinking maybe… if you'd be willing….

you could metaphorically adopt me as your musical kin and we could continue as a unit of last initial sporting solo virtuosos…

either way, I have a lot of thinking to do.  please just know that I could never, ever rock my name bedazzled on a light-wash jean jacket like you can.

your    “.” will forever reign supreme.



Collage of Dana T. created by Elly Hofmaier (a.k.a. elly h.)

Collage of Dana T. created by Elly Hofmaier (a.k.a. elly h.)