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Three Blanks for Joe McKnight

a true story.
by Liam Spencer


The first part; a misunderstanding,
and for that you need a gun are you sure
there is peace brother peace be with you ‘cause
if you play with fire you will die with
fire burning for eternity but
today Joe McKnight dies not in peace but
in violence the peace disturbed
a child grows up without a father he knows
he had until one day a man pulls out
a gun is shot three times bullet bullet bullet
the sky above is blue the sun shines down
but Joe McKnight can see the stars he loves
Jaiden his son, Joe McKnight rest in peace.
Sorry to say but how else would you know
a good man died and America stays
silence quiet or else what is there left
say nothing because everyone will turn

Away from the second part crippling
all who touch that poisonous arsenal
fire burning up every peace that's left
and then one day you say what is up with
you today you're acting strange is something
wrong there must be something wrong with you if
that's a gun that's how you settle it is
wrong its war it wages war on the same
people are the same until you give them
something to hunt people
and watch, they lap up the power and
they should not have the power to take life
away far away, give it back right now
with your own blood give it back to his son
he loved his son the boy, Jaiden, he loved


The third part was football, Joe loved
to run with the ball far away from
home Katrina took away his home and
she was wicked she split them
all over the country Joe sprints to a home he found
in L.A. found love had a boy with her
Michelle he loved Michelle they had a son
Jaiden loved both parents until the man
shot Joe McKnight three times December first
Joe loved to play football but
first thing’s first he loved his family
he was number one until the man
shot him three times December first...
before he bought the gun time went and passed
no law saying you can buy a gun so
the men settled it on their own and they
both went home safe and sound when there were no
guns are bad very bad today
a man was shot December first 2016,
may Joe McKnight rest in peace forever.