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Kamasi Kamasi,

A poem by Elly Hofmaier in response to Kamasi Washington’s performance in Iowa City at the Englert Theater


Kamasi Kamasi,
How long have I been sleepin’?
Been neglecting head and heart?
You’re the fire I’ve been needin’,
The singer for my song.

Your energy is freedom,
That ripples through my skin
Kamasi I been sleepin’,
But I’m awake now once again.


Chair Dancing

We can only move so much
In the confinement of our seats.
We would bind our bodies,
At the price
Of Comfortability.

Somewhat like mental bondage
Heard of by Victory
We held ourselves into our chairs
Until the music set us free.

One fierce feeler moved to dance
And then a couple more
Until the crowd was on its feet
Spirits clear to soar.

So why is it we bind ourselves?
Cripple our own reality?
I guess sometimes we need some help
From men like Kamasi.


Kamasi, Kamasi, Kamasi,
How you’ve made me feel.
Make me a god like Kendrick, RTJ, or Lauryn Hill.
The way that you possessed me,
So spiritual it’s real.
Kamasi how you’ve made me move,
And how you’ve made me feel.


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