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Lily DeTaeye

By Elly Hofmaier

Lily DeTaeye // Englert Theater // November 8th 2018

When I met Lily DeTaeye in her green room on the evening of her Englert Theater debut, she was warm, tranquil, and humble. So humble. Part of me wanted her to be less humble. Part of me wanted to shake her until she recognized the momentous feat of being a 20 year old, female musician, performing solo in a wildly historic venue. I wanted to pace the stage reciting all of the legendary artists who had primed it for her performance. I wanted to wrap her, squeeze her, and disclose the gratitude I felt as she exemplified to me, a fellow musician, exactly how good it can be if I work hard and believe in myself. 

Part of me wanted to write about it for Fools.


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