Poem by Alex Kramer


You wonder how many times it will take to brush your teeth before

you see your mouth normally again.

Show                                                                                me
your teeth.

How many scrapes over the plaque
in slow motion
How much does plaque hold?

The yellow germs you think about but what sin

It wasn't great

You push down on the wet bristles
standing in dichotomy to your stature.
They pin under your nail.

The albatross of alcohol swishing back and forth
Slivers elapse the chasms,
Your teeth included.

Your tongue is a tool.
Your tongue is too far gone, best wishes.
Cut it out.

The tastebuds are too reminiscing.
Much too spiteful,
They should fall out.


And for god's sake spit out the mouth wash.

and after



Is so great





Are you clean yet?




Scrub the bumps out.
Scrub yourself, use a hose.