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Jared Brdicko


A simple Q &A with the internet-inspired graphic designer Jared Brdicko, a Junior graphic design BFA Student at the University of Iowa.


Work by Jared Brdicko

I have just branched into this vaporware / sad internet style

Fools: What inspires you to make work for fun?

Jared: Put most simply, moods and music. Both sort of go hand in hand I guess and it usually happens after midnight. If I'm in a mood I'll put on some music to match it and start making a design to express what I'm feeling. On the otherhand if I hear a song that puts gives me the feels I'll just make some art that matches the mood the song put me in. A few of my favorites include the Interstellar soundtrack, Eden, and Lil Boat.

F: Can you tell us a little bit about your style?

J: I have kind of branched into this "vaporwave / sad internet art" style more recently. I still really enjoy doing branding and illustration projects, especially sports logos, but as of late I kind of just get in a mood and try to articulate what I'm through lots of layers in photoshop. I guess to sum it up this new style is just kind of a merge of my love for memes and internet culture with my feelings and love for graphic design.

Work by Jared Brdicko

F: If you could take the form of any animal...what would it be?

J: HAM the chimpanzee because he was the first chimp in space and I wish I could go to space, like really bad. Hahaha.

F: What is cool about Iowa City from an artists standpoint?

J: I think the coolest part of Iowa City for me would just be the support the area gives to the arts. There is a lot of stuff going on here concerning artists and on top of that both of the art buildings are pretty sick. Oh, and also all of the other cool artists I have had the pleasure of meeting in my college career thus far.

Work by Jared Brdicko

F: What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you recently?

J: Drunk texts and I will leave it at that (laughs)

F: What would you do with your time if you didn't go to school or work?

J: Not going to school or having to work would be the ultimate dream for me. I would just sit in my basement and play video games all day, which I already do a lot of (laughs)

F: What food do you feel you connect with on a spiritual level?

J: Taco Bell will always have a special place in my heart. Ever since my sophomore year in high school there has been much more than a natural love between me and a number 11 with a large Baja Blast.

Work by Jared Brdicko