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 Who We Are

(in short).

Fools Magazine is a semiannual print magazine and digital publication. Founded at the University of Iowa during the summer of 2016 by Mary Mathis and a team of creatives in a backyard, Mathis later wrote in the inaugural issue, “we’ve been waiting for this magazine, and we decided to screw waiting. We made it happen.”

Since our founding, our mission has remained the same (as reiterated in volume 6): to curate an honest narrative of our little sector of the universe. Fools is not simply what we produce, but the the process behind it. Fools is collaborative, workshop-based, and committed to multidisciplinary work. We are editors and executives; teachers and students; writers, artists, scientists. Most importantly, we’re a team of hungry creatives, and we’re eager to do what we do year-round, season after season.

In print and online, Fools Magazine stands out for its unique dedication to writers and artists alike, for the intensity of its language and design-work, and for its insistence on making the arts accessible, especially for the Iowa City community; this is precisely why we are a non-for-profit organization, why all volumes are free and available to the public.

How to access Fools Magazine.

Find all past and future print issues on our website in digitized form, or attend our launch events at the end of spring and fall semesters in Iowa City, as advertised on social media, to grab a newly-released physical copy.

Stay up to date on web publications by checking our recent posts at

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How to contact us.

Send general inquiries via email to For information regarding submissions, how to join on the University of Iowa campus, how to donate, or other specifics, contact Editor-in-Chief, Ellie Zupancic, at

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