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Fools Magazine is an arts and culture magazine based in Iowa City, Iowa. Started in the fall of 2016 by a group of hungry creatives, Fools Mag has given a home to a myriad of different works by journalists, creative writers, and many visual artists.

Fools Mag publishes regularly online, but also publishes two volumes of a print magazine a year. No matter how it’s done, Fools’ mission has remained the same: to curate an honest narrative of the experiences of this exact time, in this little sector of the universe.

Scroll below to meet the editors of Fools Mag.


JENNA LARSON, Editor in Chief

Meet Jenna, our Editor in Chief! Jenna is a senior with a double major in Journalism and English. Her favorite things to do are read and write poetry and binge watch Gilmore girls. She’s an aspiring baker, a coffee addict, and a practicing yogi. Outside of Fools Mag, she’s the PR & Marketing Director for UI Dance Marathon and a member of Chi Omega. One thing Jenna wishes is to understand astrology, but she considers her mediocre knowledge of her horoscope and the ability to track down Orion good for now.


ELLIE ZUPANCIC, Managing Editor

Ellie is our current managing editor. She is, in theory, a poet, but in practice, a fool (which might just mean the same thing?), and she had to check her Tinder bio to get ideas for what to tell you here. When Ellie isn’t writing poetry, she can be found playing clarinet in the University of Iowa’s Symphony Band, walking aimlessly around Iowa City before she inevitably ends up at Prairie Lights, and painting pictures strictly of herself as she has the vanity only poets do.


CHOSIE TITUS, Design Editor

Chosie is currently a senior majoring in graphic design at the University of Iowa. After going to an art and design school in France, she came back to Iowa to be closer to home and to pursue Graphic Design. When she's not working on various art projects, she's tending to her dying plants, hanging out with her cats (yes, she has more than one), and planning trips to new places. She hopes to be able to continue to work with other young creatives after she graduates because she finds her greatest inspiration from those around her. 


VIVIAN LE, Photo Editor

Vivian Le is the current photo editor of Fools Magazine. She is a third year studying arts management and photography.  In 4th grade, she bought her first camera and began obsessively photographing everything in her sight—head-over-heels for the magic of visual arts. Ever since, her desire to create art has been insatiable. Her interest span from all directions, in addition to Fools, she is the marketing director of the Fine Arts Council and a member of SCOPE Productions. Her main goal is to make the arts as accessible as possible in her communities.


GABBIE MEIS, Writing Editor

Gabbie Meis is a third year studying English and Creative Writing on the publishing track with minors in Psychology and Spanish. She serves as one of the Writing Editors for Fools. Her favorite part is getting to be a part of such a vibrant community of creatives and reading the pieces from our fools, hot off the press. Outside of the magazine, Gabbie is a Writing Fellow for the Department of Rhetoric, a peer mentor for the Honors Program, and an undergrad research assistant in the Lutgendorf Psychoneuroimmunology Lab. In her free time, you can find Gabbie bingeing whatever’s new on Netflix and catching up on her Goodreads lists. 

Currently reading: Casey Gerald’s memoir, There Will Be No Miracles Here.


ELAINE IRVINE, Creative Writing Editor

Elaine Irvine is a senior pursuing an art and journalism double major, a writing certificate and an anthropology minor. She has been a member of Fools Magazine since its first member meeting in the Fall of 2016. Elaine is now the Creative Writing Editor at Fools Magazine, the Editor-in-Chief of KRUI, and is a student employee at the Main Library. Her passion even outside of her editorial positions is writing poetry, lyrical essays, and creative non-fiction. Elaine also reads as much as she possibly can, practices yoga, and drinks stereotypical amounts of coffee. She is a mother to one seventeen month old (cat) son, Juniper Bader-Ginsburg-Irvine.


GRACE OETH, Web Editor

Grace studies English with a Publishing Track and a History Minor, which means she really likes books. She has written for Fools Magazine in the past, and is excited to collaborate on new and upcoming projects. Grace works as an Operations Intern for Rescue Press, which is an independent publishing company working out of Iowa, Ohio, and Chicago. Grace also loves her job at the library, and has many obsessions including tea, knitting, and Scotland.



Meet Seth Moffitt! Seth is a sophomore studying Communications and Museum Studies. He’s currently serving as the treasurer for Fools Magazine. In addition to his work on the magazine, Seth is a tour guide and docent for the University of Iowa Pentacrest Museums. Behind the scenes, Seth loves kayaking and camping (the fake kind, in a camper). While museum work is his true passion, his love for spreadsheets makes him a great money-man


KENZI RAYELLE, Social Media Editor & Design Assistant

Hi my name's Kenzi I spend a lot of my time awkwardly dancing to the hardiest bops and curating choice puns. I am currently the graphic design director for SCOPE Productions as well as the social media editor and design assistant for FOOLS Magazine.


HAYLEY ANDERSON, Photo Assistant

Hayley is currently a sophomore studying marketing and art. This is her third semester with Fools Magazine and her second semester as photo assistant. Her favorite part about her position is being able to help others bring their visual ideas to life and working with so many talented artists and writers. Outside of school and Fools, you can find her going to shows and festivals, going on runs, thrifting, and aimlessly scrolling through Twitter.


RILEY NAKAGAWA, Design Assistant

Riley is from Rodgers Park Chicago and is currently a senior at the University of Iowa studying Graphic Design. Apart from Fools, she is involved with a sorority on campus, Alpha Chi Omega, and Dance Marathon as their graphic design chair. In her free time she binge watches Netflix shows, tries new restaurants, and eats her weight in popcorn. She's been told that she has the personality of Jess from New Girl and Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother. Corgis have a small part of her heart because she loves how short their legs are and how close they are to the ground just like her! A fun fact about her is that she is able to buy kids shoes which actually saves her a lot of money and lets her bail on a budget. Being a part of Fools has let her meet some crazy talented artists that inspire her everyday.



Gabby Estlund was born and raised in Fort Dodge, Iowa. She is currently a freshman at the University of Iowa majoring in art and journalism and minoring in philosophy. Gabby enjoys finding new music, meeting people, and taking photos. She plans on pursuing a career involving fashion photojournalism.


NICOLE PAGLIARI, Writing Assistant

Nicole is one of Fools Mag’s writing assistants and is currently a sophomore studying English and Creative Writing in an attempt to make use of of the endless string of babbling coming out of her mouth. When she’s not writing she can be found attempting to leisurely jog, telling uninteresting stories about her dog, and trying to pretend Mac n’ cheese doesn’t hurt her stomach. She loves Fools because of the inclusive and inspiring community it creates between creators and looks forward to being a part of each writer’s creative process.


SKYLAR BARNES, Writing Assistant

Skyler, a native of Kansas City, is currently majoring in English and Creative Writing at the University of Iowa. When she's not devouring various art forms or aggressively liking tweets, she's an editorial assistant for Fool's Magazine. And, believe it or not, writing bios is not her forte.